An innovation agency

Or to put it another way it means we are experts at building websites that look modern, work on any device and have relevant and engaging content. We can take your current website and give it a complete overhaul or build your very first website.




Web Design

Fratello are here to help with all things web, whether you have an old website that needs a bit of love or are thinking of investing in your first ever site. All of our sites are built to be beautiful and easy to use on mobile phones, iPads and computers. We can train you to add your own content or are happy to do it all for you – whichever you prefer.


Digital Evolution

Large companies are blessed with big budgets and teams of people who spend their time innovating and modernising. At Fratello we don’t think it’s fair that small and medium sized businesses get left behind. It is a tough world out there so let us help your business improve and evolve.


Proximity Advertising

Say what? In a nutshell, we’ll help you offer the right offers, to the right people, at the right time. Using cutting edge technologies we can target people near your business and turn them into customers. By meeting their need at the right time you’ll make plenty of loyal customers rather than one-time business.


Social Media Management

So you want your business to get noticed? You’ll probably want to be on social media in one form or another. It might be Instagram pictures of your product or a Facebook page for your loyal customers. We offer full setup and management of your social presence but can also offer social content plans, training and optimisation if you want to manage things yourself.


It isn’t always easy to put your message across as clearly and eloquently as you’d like. Instead of fretting over your writing let us do it for you. We’ll sit down and listen to what you want to say and turn it into SEO optimised copy that is branded for your customers. We can also be that second pair of eyes on any text that you’ve already written, after all, even the greatest authors have their work proof read.

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Our Story

September 1996


Where it all began

It’s hard to say where it all began, but one thing is for sure, the day we got the internet was a big day! Broadband was a distant dream but that didn’t stop us building our first website (dedicated to a cartoon cat incase you’re wondering) and sparking a desire to tell everyone about it!

April 2012


Fell in love with WordPress

We’d dabbled in WordPress before but this was when we really fell head-over-heels for it! We love it because it is secure, robust and makes it easy to update content for even the most technically challenged. We set everything up and customise it to suit your clients and business.

April 2012


June 2014


We got social

After successfully taking a 40 year old family business online we didn’t stop with their website. We started managing the business on Google Maps, TripAdvisor and created a Facebook page that has a community of 500 engaged fans.

November 2016


We are family

Working with owners to supercharge their precious businesses with websites, new technologies and innovative ideas is constantly exciting and rewarding. We get to know our customers really well, they’re like brothers and sisters to us, which is why we are fratello.

November 2016



Hassocks, West Sussex, UK